Todd Scott


My family instilled in me the value that good government can do good things for people.

Todd's dad, Rick Scott, first ran for public office in 1974. Rick eventually became the National Political Action Director of AFCSME, working to get pro-labor candidates elected to state and federal offices, and has been an inspiration for Todd all his life. Todd's mom, Mary Judd Scott, taught him feminist and progressive values at an early age while she worked for Minneapolis Legal Aid for over two decades.
Todd Scott and his wife Kelli Klein at 2018's protest the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld President Trump's travel ban on several majority Muslim countries.

I would be honored to be your next DFL State Senator

In my early adult life, I worked for DFL political figures and was politically active. I started my professional, legal career so I could raise a family in Minneapolis and be a part of my family’s every day activities.  As an attorney, adjunct professor, and mediator, I believe I have much to give back to my south Minneapolis neighbors if you elect me to be your next DFL State Senator of District 63.

Attorney & Trained Mediator

Community Volunteer, Activist

Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies

Homeowner, Lifelong Resident

District 63The Good Life in Minneapolis



Kelli Klein, my wife, and I have raised our three children in Senate District 63 and have been home owners here since 1993. Our first house was in Longfellow/Cooper and we currently live in Longfellow/Hiawatha. As someone who grew up in Minneapolis, it was important to us to raise our children in the city and set an example for them by being active in our neighborhood community.


The Midtown YWCA of Minneapolis has been the center of our lives for over 25 years. My wife Kelli Klein has been the Director of Fitness there for over two decades and has been the recipient of the Breaking Barriers award for developing YWCA CREW (Cancer Recovery Exercise for Women). As a family, we have volunteered countless hours to this great institution, including running the food tent at YWCA's Women's Triathlon, which takes place annually at Lake Nokomis. The Midtown YWCA and the Minneapolis Sports Center is a perfect of example of government partnering with a private organization to develop an important anchor to District 63 that promotes health, wellness, racial equality, and empowering women.


Giving back to the community is a value that many people in this district share. I have chosen to share my time and leadership with our children's schools, our church, the Minneapolis DFL, and non-profit professional, artistic, and community organizations. All are rewarding, but coaching my children's team's was perhaps the most rewarding of all. Here I am with my daughter Mary after becoming the MCYO city-conference girl's basketball champions.


As an attorney and a VP for a small Insurance company, I am very active in legal circles and I am asked to speak around the nation on my area of expertise: ethics and practice management for lawyers. I have worked for my company for over 27 years and it has allowed me to make deep friendships with the legal community all throughout Minnesota. I have also been an adjunct professor in the Legal Studies Department at Hamline University where I taught the practice of law to undergraduate students for nearly a decade. My volunteerism extends into the many professional associations that I belong to and I have served in leadership roles in the Minnesota State Bar Association for over 25 years.


I am a strong believer in public education. I have achieved degrees at both public and private institutions, including Mitchel Hamline School of Law, where I graduated with a JD in Law in1993. But I am most proud of having graduated from the Minneapolis Public Schools in 1982. Here I am with friends from Central High School, getting ready to receive our diplomas during CHS's final commencement ceremony before the school closed later that year. You may have heard of Central High School because Prince attended our school. The loss of Central High School was very difficult for the Minneapolis Central Community and it taught me the value of community schools, well funded public education, and the success that can come from public institutions when the community cares about its teachers and its children.

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